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The Vx520 is EVERYTHING a countertop device should be. Delivering unprecedented performance, lighting-fast speeds, and uncompromised security, this power-packed payment device works hard so you don’t have to.

  • 2.6 inch monochrome LCD display
  • Dial Up/Ethernet/RS-232/USB client/USB host connections
  • 160 MB (128 MB flash, 32 MB sdram) memory
  • EMV/MSR/NFC/CTLS payment acceptance types
  • 8V DC, 2.25A
  • 400 MHz, ARM11 32-bit RISC processor 
  • PCI PTS 3.x approved security
  • 24 lps, Standard: 49mm paper roll, Contactless: 40mm paper roll


  • Cortez A5 processor
  • 256 MB Flash/128 MB RAM
  • 2.8-inch display, Full-Color Screen backlit, QVGA (320×240 pixels)
  • Accept EMV Chip Card Transactions/ Chấp nhận các giao dịch sử dụng thẻ chíp.
  • Accept NFC (Contactless) Transactions/ Chấp nhận các giao dịch kết nối gần (contactless)
  • Built-In Thermal Printer
  • Compact, Sturdy Design
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